Rapid Refresh™ Stretcher Sheets


Rapid Refresh™ System
Rapid Refresh™ is speed, convenience, and infection prevention. Patented and patent-pending technologies make Rapid Refresh™ Solutions truly unique in providing healthcare facilities with the ability to prevent infections and control associated costs.

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Rapid Refresh™ Stretcher Sheets

The Rapid Refresh™ system offers stretcher sheets to make infection prevention and compliance easier, faster, and more efficient.

Ultra Protective

These disposable fluid-resistant, fitted sheets provide protection from patient secretions and body fluids. The soft-touch fabric is ultra comfortable for patients. Convenient, easy to change and sized to fit most gurneys, these fitted sheets can save valuable nursing time.

  • Ultra-protective
  • Minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • Fluid-repellant SPP fabric
  • Elastic ends with deep corner pockets
  • Tear-resistant
  • Great backup for laundered sheets
  • Reduces laundry/linen costs
  • Latex-free

Stretcher Sheets

Material: SPP
Size: 85" x 37"
Color: White
Packaging: 1 pcs/bag; 100 pcs/case
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