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Rapid Refresh™ System
Rapid Refresh™ is speed, convenience, and infection prevention. Patented and patent-pending technologies make Rapid Refresh™ Solutions truly unique in providing healthcare facilities with the ability to prevent infections and control associated costs.

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Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtains

Watch the Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtain System Video

Watch the Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtain Rod Installation Video

Speed is critical when it comes to infection prevention and control. Rapid Refresh™ privacy curtains can be changed in seconds without the need for special tools or ladders. Patent pending technology allows Rapid Refresh™ to minimize the potential dissemination of healthcare-associated pathogens to keep your facility safe and compliant.

The Dangers

Studies show that hospital privacy curtains are frequently and rapidly contaminated with potentially pathogenic bacteria. In fact, patients admitted to rooms previously occupied by patients with hospital pathogens have a substantially greater risk of acquiring the same pathogen than patients not occupying such rooms. Organisms have also been found to have been transmitted from privacy curtains directly to healthcare workers’ hands.

Why Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtains?

This revolutionary curtain system was developed with feedback from healthcare workers and environmental services to reduce cross-contamination and HAI’s.


  • Potential reduction in HAI’s and cross contamination
  • Elimination of acquisition and replacement costs of standard curtains
  • Elimination of cleaning/laundering and transportation costs
  • Eliminates the need for ladders
  • Faster admissions and improved patient satisfaction
  • Custom cut installation kit allows for uniform height in each room
  • Reduction in curtain SKUs to one

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Watch the Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtain System Video

Customize Your Curtains

Rapid Refresh™ Privacy curtains are available in eight standard colors and patterns (no minimum quantity required).

Custom color/design options are available (minimum quantity order requirements).

Beige Pattern
ICP-6100BP Beige
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Fern Pattern
ICP-6100F Fern
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Dark Blue Pattern
ICP-6100DB Dark Blue
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Childs Play Pattern
ICP-6100CP Child’s Play
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Light Blue Pattern
ICP-6100LB Light Blue
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Tan Pattern
ICP-6100T Tan
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Yellow Pattern
ICP-6100Y Yellow
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Flower Pattern
ICP-6100TF Teal Flower
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Tan Stripe Swatch
ICP-6100TS Tan Stripe
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Curtains1 Curtains2

Rapid Refresh™ Timestrip®


The Rapid Refresh™ privacy curtains offer Timestrip® technology. The indicator, when completely red, visually alerts healthcare workers to change the curtain. The result is lowered risk of HAIs, lower costs, and improved patient care for facilities utilizing the curtains.

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