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Rapid Refresh™ System
Rapid Refresh™ is speed, convenience, and infection prevention. Patented and patent-pending technologies make Rapid Refresh™ Solutions truly unique in providing healthcare facilities with the ability to prevent infections and control associated costs.

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Rapid Refresh™ PPE Organizer

The Rapid Refresh™ PPE Organizer is a convenient dispensing system for personal protection items.

Clearly Durable, Efficient & Convenient

Clear: The clear and open design enhances compliance by allowing clinicians to find the exact protection they need instantly. Product availability is easier to verify and simplifies restocking.

Durable: High-grade acrylic will withstand years of harsh treatment and thousands of trips to Central Supply for restocking.

Customizable: Fully customizable to organize and dispense exactly what you want, where you want it. In addition to storing the standard gloves, masks and gowns, these organizers can be fitted with sign clips, coat hooks, supply bins or other brackets to hold anything you may need.

Organizers are adjustable for inevitable product or manufacturer packaging changes and can be mobile or permanently mounted on walls, doors or glass.

ICP-2000 (ICP-10-002, ICP-6-001, ICP-5-001) Single Column PPE Organizer Get a Quote
ICP-2050 (ICP-10-003, ICP-10-004, ICP-4-006) Double Column PPE Organizer Get a Quote
ICP-2075 Triple Column PPE Organizer Get a Quote
ICP-2080 Quad Column PPE Organizer Get a Quote

Custom Order Enclosed PPE Organizer Get a Quote
ICP-2050R Respiratory PPE Organizer Get a Quote
10-001 Mounting Bracket for Wall or Door Mount Get a Quote
10-001L Mounting Bracket for Glass Mount Get a Quote

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