Rapid Refresh™ Labcoats


Rapid Refresh™ System
Rapid Refresh™ is speed, convenience, and infection prevention. Patented and patent-pending technologies make Rapid Refresh™ Solutions truly unique in providing healthcare facilities with the ability to prevent infections and control associated costs.

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Rapid Refresh™ Labcoats

The Rapid Refresh™ Labcoats maximize compliance by protecting both patients and healthcare workers from the dangers of infection.

Disposable Labcoats are constructed of a breathable fabric that offers supreme
comfort and a triple layer fluid-resistance to maximize protection. Whether as an
alternative to laundered labcoats or as an emergency back-up supply, consider
Rapid Refresh Labcoats for those inevitable occasions when theft/shrinkage,
excess wear, or a surge depletes conventional inventory.

  • High-quality and cost-effective
  • Eliminate potential for cross-contamination
  • Fluid resistant
  • 3-layer SMS, breathable fabric

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ICP-9057LC  Labcoat, 4x, 50/case Get A Quote