About Us

ICP Medical is a leading infection control and prevention manufacturer serving hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States and the world.
Our mission is to help our customer partners reduce the spread of infection, provide a higher level of patient care, protect employees, and lower the costs of delivering services by focusing on compliance.

Rapid Refresh

Rapid Refresh™ is speed, convenience, and infection prevention. Patented and patent-pending technologies make Rapid Refresh™ Solutions truly unique in providing healthcare facilities with the ability to prevent infections and control associated costs.

Our Rapid Refresh™ product line includes a wide range of innovative products to increase the safety of healthcare workers and other personnel in hospitals, healthcare, senior housing, and government facilities.

Components of the Rapid Refresh™ system include:
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Personal Protection Gowns
  • Convenient Dispensing System
  • Disposable Lab Coats
  • Disposable Scrubs and Jackets
  • Gurney Kits
  • Stretcher Sheets
  • Cadaver Containment System
  • Hand Sanitation Solutions
  • Body Cleansing Solution
  • PPE Organizers and Accessories
Watch the Rapid Refresh™ Privacy Curtain System Video